Should You Go 2D or 3D? B2B Game Design Styles Explained

In an ever-changing digital landscape, the power of 3D gamification cannot be overstated. There is value in 2D content gamification. However, there is growing relevancy for deploying interactive 3D content powered by gamification mechanics to help build loyal brand engagement, and to help boost real value in the minds of potential customers. Let us find out why 3D game design styles can help boost your marketing endeavours…

2D and 3D Game Design – What are the Benefits?

The benefit of 2D game design is that is suitable for introductory or entry-level content solutions. This allows 2D gamification products to be targeted to a greater audience. Furthermore, simplicity is built into the game design. In cost-dynamics, 2D game design is cheaper and faster, if you’re thinking about traditional “game play” on devices. 2D Gamification applications are also great “time-wasters”, which means they can catch attention, get utilised fast and then abandoned – but crucially after you’ve got your lead generation data or value proposition in-front of your target audience.

The benefits of 3D design are centrally linked to the ability to create multi-dimensional, fully interactive spaces. High-quality game play and HD graphics are also central to the 3D gaming experience. But from a gamification perspective, 3D design utilisation provides versatility in that you can create solutions that have a greater sense of complication relative to the educational or marketing needs of your campaign.

Why Should Marketers Take Note?

3D game designs allow marketers to develop gamification solutions with a greater focus on diversity of experience. 2D gamification solutions are mired by simplicity – this isn’t a negative in any way – but the 3D experience provides a greater palette of ingenuity in terms of developing marketing outcomes.

The ability to create reward or progress-driven gamification solutions that utilise the power of 3D interactivity could help herald new marketing opportunities. You could develop educational interactive content that provides real value and purpose whilst simultaneously engaging in high-level lead generation.

At Polished Rock we can develop 3D or 2D gamification solutions that provide functional yet aspirational marketing and brand engagement solutions, which help turbo charge your marketing endeavours.

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