The Power of Gamification for B2B Marketing Campaigns

From a business-to-business marketing perspective, marketers can ill afford to disregard the potential that gamification can bring to developing brand loyalty and wider engagement. In case you did not know, gamification is “the use of game mechanics to drive engagement in non-game business scenarios and to change behaviours in a target audience to achieve business outcomes.” Sounds dull and dry, but the market is worth a staggering $11.5 billion in 2020/21.

Is Gamification Useful?

Major tech companies, from Oracle to Salesforce, along with big retail and corporate brands from Walgreens to Pepsi, have collaborated on a range of gamification techniques to help drive elasticity within the customer engagement and personal data capture sectors. As humans we are ‘hard-wired’ at a base level to find gratification from games, thanks to our natural need to win (and therein compete). By taking advantage of these base needs, marketers can find innovative ways of deploying marketing campaigns that provide entertainment and real purpose.

Why Gamification?

Content marketers understand that content marketing is a central tenet of successful digital marketing. As companies continue to utilise content marketing to drive brand engagement, marketers are developing new ways for consumers to engage with content in a more interactive and entertaining way. Gartner, a market research service, has identified marketing strategy success based on gamified collaborative content marketing output. Brands like M&M to Heineken have used gamification to provide insightful content in ways that are both educational and entertaining.

How Gamification Works?

The way gamification works is by utilising mechanics like leader boards, challenges and points-based systems, which are driven by a rule-based structure powered by incentivised pointers that create an enjoyable experience. It provides a higher-level of marketing engagement by luring brand loyal consumers into a virtual space designed to provide entertainment and fun, whilst simultaneously connecting with our inert sense of competition within a game-based design construct.

B2B And Gamification – How Does It Work?

Business to Business marketing is about businesses who market their goods and services to other businesses. The lure of gamification surrounds three basic experiences. First, to collect data and provide metrics for data measurement. Some B2B gamification examples utilise incentivised progression-based content to lure continued engagement and to create the motivation to drive prolonged data availability. This could be as simple as providing a question-based quiz as a barrier to the ‘next step’ in your digital sales funnel. Allowing you to maximise data capture and engagement.

The second experience is to build an online community which is about providing a space, a virtual space, that acts as a community space for your products or services. The gamification experience is about providing this space and the ability to provide a leader board or points-based system by which those who engage more and more will get badges from the organisation, so the next time they post they are viewed by other users as a trusted source or a newbie with great ideas. By allowing this collaborative engagement, the gamification of virtual space provides a continued space for engagement.

Third and finally, in terms of gamification experiences relevant to the B2B ecosystem, it is all about about getting more leads. Your job is to market your products and services and to convince people what you are selling is the solution to their problems. Boring pop-up email boxes and opt-in forms don’t entice engagement in quite the same way as a gamified experience, which engages with human desires and provides a sense of community and competition. And does all this to help provide a valuable and functional experience to help boost your lead generation activities.

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